Yahoo: (how could it possibly be) Worse Than We Imagined

Here's a quick followup to September's post regarding Yahoo's admission that they had 500,000,000 accounts stolen back in 2014. (For those who lost count of the zeroes... that's 500 Million...)

Yahoo recently fessed up to another security breach... this one happened a year earlier than the aforementioned breach, and it's twice as bad, having affected 1,000,000,000 accounts (that's ONE BILLION).

Besides the sheer volume of the breach, this has very far reaching effect. Even if you do not have a Yahoo email account, Flickr is a Yahoo-owned service and those accounts are included in the breach. If you've had a Verizon phone in the past, then your email account was likely managed by Yahoo. And it doesn't end there... Many are advocating deleting all your Yahoo accounts, however it's not always that simple. Here are a couple of articles that may prove helpful:

Yahoo's billion account breach: five things you should do to stay safe

How to replace five major Yahoo services and delete your account

However you choose to handle this, Yahoo has proven that they're irresponsible stewards of their users' data, and that's a compelling reason to abandon their services once and for all.