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I've been a web/software developer for many, many years, but -- as strange as this may sound -- this is the first website I've developed that I can call my own. Until now, apart from my software reviews on Macworld.com and my occasional-and-utterly-random Twitter posts, my online presence has always been under the guise of BOLD Internet Solutions, a company that myself and three other business partners formed way back in the Dark Ages -- 1999. All that changed recently, and I have since formed a new company...

Bold Interactive Group (UPDATE: As of Jan 1, 2014, Bold Interactive Group is now CommandB.)

You may have noticed a similarity in the names. This was not by chance...

BOLD Internet Solutions spent a great deal of time building an excellent reputation in the Kansas City web development community, and I wanted to ride the coat tails, so to speak, of the good reputation that I worked incredibly hard to build. I continue to work with many of BOLD's clients, so I feel that having a familiar name helps bridge the gap from one BOLD to another. As far as the name goes, I continue to collaborate with a group of prior partners and employees of the old BOLD, and we still build great interactive stuff. So I think the name fits pretty well. I have lots of ideas, and maybe someday the name will change, but for now, this is it.

Existing clients and new clients alike... I'm so happy to be working with you, and I hope we maintain a long and productive business relationship. As part of BOLD Internet Solutions, I always strived to provide professional, high-quality service... with a bit of irreverent humor. Even though things have changed a bit business-wise, you'll find that this is one thing that has not.

Welcome aboard the new Bold.

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