Long Live CommandB

Today I am rebranding Bold Interactive Group as CommandB.

When BOLD Internet Solutions dissolved at the end of 2012, I thought long and hard to find the perfect name for my newly-hatched independent operation. I knew I would be working with some of BOLD's clients and I wanted to help bridge that transition, so I decided to adopt a similar-sounding name. (You can read more about that in my first post.) My ex-BOLD-partner, Sandra Detherage, the creative director at BOLD, also decided to do the same thing for the same reasons. I wasn't thrilled with the name I chose, but Bold Interactive Group helped bridge two gaps... it helped my clients understand that they were still dealing with familiar "BOLD" people (albeit spelled slightly differently) and, since Sandra and I sometimes work with the same clients, it helped provide some continuity with her operation (Bold Creative Group).

However, the name similarity also caused some confusion that required more than one explanation of the whole BOLD v.s. Bold (v.s. Bold) situation. But that was a year ago and I think all my clients have had plenty of time to figure all this out, so I've decided to move on and adopt an identity that better fits my personality. Of course, one can argue what's in a name? No matter what my company is called, my clients will still get the same awesome service that they've always received. I guess some might attribute the name change to ego or vanity, but it's really just my desire to put the old BOLD behind me and move on.

That won't be entirely possible, though, because BOLD is a big part of who I am. For those of you who care, I was the "B" of BOLD Internet Solutions because the name was an acronym of the original partners' last names: Beam, O'Brien, Lawlor and Detherage. Without me, they would have just been OLD. (ba-dum-dum-CHING!) And if you're a Mac user, you probably get the irony of the new name. So, while I can't put "bold" completely behind me, I'm still eager to move on by continuing to service my existing clients as CommandB and developing new client relationships. So, no matter by what name you know me, I have enjoyed working with all of you and hope to continue doing so for long into the future.