Manage Those Passwords

Password management is the bane of the typical computer user's existence. We're bombarded with websites that require a username and password, but how can we manage them all? Unfortunately, most people resort to one (or both) of the following systems:

  • Write them down
  • Find a good one and use it everywhere

Of those two options, using the same password everywhere is, by far, the worse option. It seems like every day we hear of one service or another who has been hacked and their user's data absconded with, including usernames and passwords. The first thing cyber criminals do with these credentials is try them out on high-value sites, such as banking and finance. So, as you might imagine, if you use the same credentials everywhere, these criminals now have the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom.

Long Live CommandB

Today I am rebranding Bold Interactive Group as CommandB.

When BOLD Internet Solutions dissolved at the end of 2012, I thought long and hard to find the perfect name for my newly-hatched independent operation. I knew I would be working with some of BOLD's clients and I wanted to help bridge that transition, so I decided to adopt a similar-sounding name. (You can read more about that in my first post.) My ex-BOLD-partner, Sandra Detherage, the creative director at BOLD, also decided to do the same thing for the same reasons. I wasn't thrilled with the name I chose, but Bold Interactive Group helped bridge two gaps... it helped my clients understand that they were still dealing with familiar "BOLD" people (albeit spelled slightly differently) and, since Sandra and I sometimes work with the same clients, it helped provide some continuity with her operation (Bold Creative Group).

Into 2014... and Beyond

It's been a year since the old BOLD Internet Solutions ended and the new Bold Interactive Group emerged. (UPDATE: As of Jan 1, 2014, Bold Interactive Group is now CommandB.) To be honest, it was scary going from the relative comfort of being a partner in a (slightly) larger company to being the sole owner of my own business. I want to thank all the ex-BOLD employees, many of whom I have the immense pleasure of continuing to work with, and all my wonderful clients, who all have helped make this transition in 2013 much easier. I'm looking forward to all the good work we can continue to do in 2014... and beyond. Thank you.

What's Up With Your Website?

Several of my clients have browsed my site (currently that takes all of about 3-and-a-half minutes) and had similar comments... uh...Brian, where are the graphics? Where's the cool design, like you did for our website?

Actually, I take issue with that... I didn't know I had any "design" at all. But, I understand why one would ask the question.

I've helped develop hundreds of websites during my career, and they've all been awesome. (OK... varying degrees of awesome.) While I will take credit for the underlying architecture of these sites, I will never take credit for the graphic design. I work with many talented people who can do a much better job at that. Of course, I can always criticize someone else's design -- and that has a valuable place in helping get to a final product. (And to drive the designers crazy. I take pride in that too.)

Hello World

I've been a web/software developer for many, many years, but -- as strange as this may sound -- this is the first website I've developed that I can call my own. Until now, apart from my software reviews on and my occasional-and-utterly-random Twitter posts, my online presence has always been under the guise of BOLD Internet Solutions, a company that myself and three other business partners formed way back in the Dark Ages -- 1999. All that changed recently, and I have since formed a new company...

Bold Interactive Group (UPDATE: As of Jan 1, 2014, Bold Interactive Group is now CommandB.)

You may have noticed a similarity in the names. This was not by chance...


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